2007-8 Research Development Award Competition
Award Recipients
PI                  Last Name First # yrs at ECU Depart. School/ College Co-PIs Project Title Award
Abdel-Salam Tarek 3 Engineering Tech & Computer Gerald Micklow (Engi) The Use of Triethylaluminum as a Scramjet Fuel Condition & Ignition Source $15,101
Allen William 9 Chemistry Arts & Sciences   Hosts for an Uninvited Guest: Binding PFOS with Designed Ligands $19,980
Bedenbaugh Purvis 0.5 Engineering Tech & Computer Audrey Jenkins (Comp. Med) Representation of Speech Sounds in the Auditory Thalamus $20,000
Chen Yan-Hua 6 Anatomy & Cell Biology School of Medicine   Acute Renal Tubular Necrosis in Claudin-7 Deficient Mice $35,000
Collier David Nash 3 Pediatrics School of Medicine Allison S. Danell (Chem) Organophosphate Pesticides and Obesity $20,000
Corbett D. Reide 7 Geological Sciences Arts & Sciences J.P. Walsh (Geol), Lisa Clough (Biol) Towards an estuarine ecosystem model: waves, seabed dynamics and benthic community changes in a shallow estuary $23,725
Curtis Scott 3.5 Geography Arts & Sciences Ahmed Salahuddin, Mohd Lokman (KUSTEM, Malaysia) Mesoscale Convective Systems in the Coastal Environment of Malaysia; A Collaborative Initiative Between ECU & KUSTEM $22,318
Elci Omur Cinar 1 MPH Program School of Medicine Muge Akpinar-Elci (Fam. Med), Kristen Borre (NCAI) Identifying upper airways problems among agricultural growers and workers in Eastern North Carolina $20,000
Gavin Timothy 6.5 Exercise & Sports Sciences Health & Human Performance G. Lynis Dohm (Bioc, Joseph Houmard (EXSS), Walter Pories (Surg) Reversal of diabetes by gastric bypass surgery; Role of imporved skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity $35,000
Johnson Timothy 2.5 Internal Med/Cardiology School of Medicine   Pharacokinetics and Biodistribution of No Releasing Dendrimers $19,915
Jolls Claudia 23 Biology Arts & Sciences   Long-term Ecological Research at ECU West Research Campus:  Plants and Theier Insect Herbivores $17,320
Li Yumin Asst Prof Chemistry Arts & Sciences none Viral Membrane Fusion and the Degue Virus $19,880
Mahar Matthew T. 13 Exercise & Sports Sciences Health & Human Performance Katrina DuBose (EXSS) The impact of a faculty/staff wellness program on health behaviors $19,948
Micklow Gerald 1.5 Engineering Tech & Computer Tarek Abdel-Salam (Engin.) Modeling of Biodiesel Fuel Sprays for Direct Injection Diesel Engine Configurations $15,198
Pitzalis Mariavittoria 1 Internal Med/Cardiology School of Medicine Wayne Cascio, Timothy Johnson (Int. Med), Robert Lust (Physio) Development and validation of an experimental model of dyssynchronous heart failure $35,000
Reiser Christa 34 Sociology Arts & Sciences Kenneth Wilson (Soc) Evacuation Decisions: The role of Family Pets $19,705
Ruiz-Funes Marcela 11 Foreign Language Arts & Sciences Lida Cope (Engl) Dual Language Immersion: Language, Literacy, and Identity Development in Rural Eastern North Carolina $17,638
Schwalbe Ruth A. 4 Biochem & Molecular Biology School of Medicine   Interaction of serum amyloid P component with N-glycans of neuronal K+ channels $20,000
Stellwag Edmund 18 Biology Arts & Sciences Jean-Luc Scemama (Biol) Effect of Cis-regulatory Element Evolution on Hox Paralog Group 2 Gene Function $35,000
Wingard Christopher 3 Physiology School of Medicine   Erectile Dysfunction in Metabolic Syndrome and the influence of Rho-kinase $19,480
Zhu Yong 5 Biology Arts & Sciences   Developing zebrafish as a model for studying nongenomic actions of steroids $35,000
            Total $485,208